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A Tribe Called Quest

it is inevitable that fantasy races and worlds will one day invent smooth, comfortable, hard working wrangler fit denim jeans


dragons, dwarves, orcs, elves, humans, ghosts, and blood gods alike can’t resist the comfortable, casual look and fit of this deep blue denim

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The work of Taiwanese photographer Yung Cheng Lin rests somewhere on the boundary of surrealism, sensuality and the grotesque. Testament to this is his latest series of keenly manipulated imagery of the human form. Leaning heavily on voyeurism, the photo set features the human body in various twisted yet intimate contexts against against ethereal settings, making for a captivating series.

preparing for valentines day

Diego Rivera. Day of the Dead. 1924.

Naomi Campbell letting her white maid wipe her tears

The residents of Harlem send out a powerful anti-war message at a 1967 protest